International tax planning

International tax planning is about selecting the most favourable jurisdictions for your business and creating structures that suites your unique needs and that are tax efficient.

Nowadays many companies are looking to move or expand their business abroad to improve their position in the marketplace. Some companies even consider expanding abroad to take advantage of foreign tax rates and regulations.

Understanding the impact on business operations of expansion abroad is key. Our international team will ensure that your business is structured in the most tax efficient manner globally.

We are able to advice clients on:

  • The corporate tax regime in any particular country;
  • The impact of CFC legislation;
  • Double tax relief planning;
  • Issues relating to the corporate residence of overseas companies;
  • Compliance with corporate tax obligations in foreign countries;
  • Redomiciliation of corporate headquarters;
  • Incorporation of holding companies;
  • Employing staff and local labour issues;
  • Banking requirements.
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